Residential Rust Removal

What are some of the most difficult stains to remove?  You guessed it RUST STAINS! Here at 396 Solutions we have the training, equipment, and expertise to tackle any rust removal project.

The Issue:

What creates the nasty orangeness?  Rust has many forms. Sometimes, it’s triggered by sprinklers, fertilizers and comes in the form of iron oxide.Corrosive iron hydroxide is another form it represents. Also, keep in mind it might look like rust, but it's actually chemical burns from batteries or hydrochloric acid spills.

What are some issues associated with rust?  Not only is it unsightly, unsafe, and unhealthy. But also reduces property value, risk of water contamination, and increases slip and fall incidents.

Why We’re Different:

Traditionally to remove the stains people try removers that actually “eat”  the concrete.  This can cause the need for extensive repairs or even needing to replace it.  This can even discolor your concrete. So you trade one stain for another. Our process works from the inside out and will not eat your concrete. We are also environmentally safe!


The F9 BARC Solution:

Compared to other rust removers, converters, softeners, wetting agents, and surfactants, F9 tailors the best soft washing solution that is required for your situation.

We use F9 BARC to remove rust stains from your property which was created to help eliminate discoloration and reduce the future appearance of rust stains on your property.

We are a certified trained applicator F9 BARC which can be used on virtually every residential surface.

Rust removal restoration services include:




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